Road and Freight Transport Services

International Road Freight Forwarding with TELS

Reliable delivery schemes by company-owned and third party transport with transportation monitoring by Customer’s KPI and a range of services.

Geography of road transportations

  • Europe, Asia – Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries (imports, exports);
  • between the European countries;
  • between the CIS countries (the EAEU, Ukraine, etc.)

Cargo types

Almost any kind of goods, including dangerous (ADR), high-value and requiring special temperature conditions.

Variety of transported cargo by industry:

  • food industry;
  • consumer goods industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • machine construction;
  • construction industry;
  • cosmetics and perfumery;
  • equipment and tools;
  • metals and metal products;
  • appliances and electronics;
  • various industrial products.

Transportation of alcoholic beverages by a special department.

Comprehensive services

  • optimizing delivery schemes meeting customer’s needs and priorities;
  • assistance with documentation and customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance at profitable rates;
  • cargo handling during transportation: repacking, labelling, marking, etc.

Team of professionals

Transportation is organized by highly-qualified specialists from 11 offices in 6 EU and CIS countries certified at company-owned Corporate training centre, keeping to efficient business processes including delivery terms management system and supervision all the stages in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Communication with a personal manager 24/7.

Reliable carriers

Carrier pool is created according to Customer’s needs from those who have passed the obligatory checking procedure and comply with the requirements, with further performance control by KPI.

The company owns around 350 units of heavy trucks with semitrailers of increased rigidity, additional cargo securing and GPS tracking systems.

Risk management

Customer’s insurance against risks is granted by:

  • TELS professional liability insurance with the limit of 2,500,000 euros for each case;
  • employing contractors with the coverage policy of at least 600,000 euros;
  • providing insurance from TTClub – top insurance company in the world with a high reliability rating.

Experts of TELS Legal Department will help you with everything – from insurance to settlement of insurance claims.

We work with numerous companies, including the largest local and global businesses (letters of recommendation on request).

For more details contact our Client Support representatives at our branch offices (please click on the links below to get the contact details):


T.E.L.S. Transeuropean Logistic Services Ltd.
+44 20 83 43 9650
+375 17 352 49 31
+7 495 134 43 81
TELS Polska Sp. z o.o.
+ 48 22 517 90 00
TELS CZ spol. s r.o.
Czech Republic
+420 226 200 340
+ 380 44 454 72 31
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