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Air transportation of oversized dangerous cargo weighing 4,5 tons from USA to Minsk 11 days before New Year
Besides of cargo peculiarities, the carriage was complicated by weather conditions: a lot of European and American airports suffered snowfalls, flights were hampered. Moreover, embargo on export loads was set for majority of airports. Priority was set for passenger carriages and post deliveries. Only urgent cargo air transportations were performed with the use of heightened transport rates.

In such situation TELS dared to arrange delivery of oversized cargo weighing 4,5 tons from USA to Minsk within max 13 days on base of normal transport rates …

Diesel compressor for drilling rig weighing 4488 kg with dimensions 345x220x203 and volume of 15 m3 was waited its dispatch from warehouse located in Michigan-City, Indiana. Destination point – National airport Minsk. Cargo dimensions and weight, and more importantly, 9th hazard class imposed plenty of restrictions on possibility of cargo delivery via any short transport scheme.
Delivery terms: cargo should have been delivered by 31th December. In case of delay eventual recipient lost the possibility to pay for the cargo. Customer could risk and ordered delivery only being completely confident in transport company and in reliability of its promises. And It believed in TELS.

Delivery was organized by TELS air carriages department.

Taking into account all external conditions, they worked out following route of transportation:
Road carriage: Michigan-City, Indiana – СВХ Roselle, New Jersey
Road carriage: Roselle, New Jersey – New York (JFK Airport)
Air carriage: New York – Hamilton, Canada (Hamilton Civic Airport)
Air carriage: Hamilton, Canada – Katowicy, Poland Pyrzowice Airport
Road carriage: Katowicy, Poland – Warszawa (Okęcie Airport)
Road carriage: Warszawa – Minsk (National Airport Minsk)


Eventually cargo was delivered within 11 days. Yuri Shidlovskiy, chief of air carriages department had to organize unloading of compressor with utilization of truck crane himself, because it turned out, there were no appropriate hardware for unloading in the airport.


Customer was very satisfied with delivery term and the freight rate.

As result, 3 additional loads from America are waiting for their turn, and air carriages department is ready to implement new complex transport projects.

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