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Complex service of electric hardware multimodal transportation from China to Moscow via port of Novorossiysk was worked at and implemented by sales department’ and multimodal department’ specialists. Customs clearance was performed in Mojaisk with the help of Multimodal Board’ partner.

“Our customer, an importer of electric goods in Russian Federation, announced compulsory conditions of cooperation – rendering of complex service including cargo delivery from China and customs clearance in Russia.

7 customs brokers have been carefully examined in order to choose a reliable partner for customs clearance in Russia. Process was complex enough, because customs clearance of goods from China is mostly a complicated procedure. Goods from China usually have low declared value, customs officers pay special attention on them. Naturally, nearly week delays of goods at customs are all in the day’s work. Not all customs brokers dare to deal with customs clearance of goods from China.

Eventually we managed to find very good partner - “CTT broker” company. They are true professionals. Even though problems with customs clearance of goods ultimately appeared, customs clearance was completed within 3 days. Our Customer, who had already faced two-week delays of his goods at Russian customs, was extremely glad and easy agreed to offset demurrage of transport. Customer was very satisfied with our service.

Cargo was complex – electrical engineering. There were nearly 20 HS Codes, descriptions of goods were several times more. As it usually happens during first time while technological process development, Customer had made some mistakes with payment, some wrong documents had been sent … That all determined three-day delay. Without these failures delivery would be perfect. But nevertheless these 3 days of delay for Chinese cargo are a successful completion of task, much lower than average demurrage term”.

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