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High-precision oversized medical hardware from USA to Russia

In December 2011 TELS has carried out two deliveries of oversized medical hardware in Russia – from Iran and USA. Both deliveries were urgent.

It was required to deliver goods to the consignor by Christmas within a month. Peculiarity of pre-Christmas air carriages situation is serious shortage of delivery opportunities, especially deliveries of oversized cargoes. Many of air transport companies usually assign their aircrafts for oversized cargoes for 3-4 months in advance. The majority of forwarding agencies thus reject oversized cargo deliveries, especially when goods are fragile medical equipment.
TELS implemented delivery of medical hardware from USA to Russia in December 2012 (destination point – Moscow airport “Sheremetjevo”). Cargo consisted of 42 collies with volume of 54 m3 and total weight of 10 tons. All bundles were equipped with inclination and impact detectors. As soon as any bundle will be inclined more than on accepted angle of slope or undergoes any impact, detector will trigger and this will mean cargo damage.

Following route has been developed for urgent delivery and safety assurance:

1. Air transportation: New York – Luxembourg
2. Road transportation (RFS): Luxembourg – Frankfurt (Germany)
3. Air transportation (application of another air transport company) Frankfurt – Moscow.

Goods were delivered within conformed terms. No one detector triggered. 
Second shipment of medical hardware – incubators for maternity department has been made from Iran. Peculiarities of the carriage were lack of wide fuselage planes from Iran to required destination and international sanctions against Iran. According to UN Security Council resolution Russia and Great Britain as well as many other countries aren’t eligible to deal with Iranian banks, for instance, pay for the services of Iranian transport agent. These circumstances determined our choice of Turkish agent, who helped to arrange transportation. 
This was fragile oversized cargo as well (30 collies, 8800 kg, volume 26 m3), and it was prohibited to exert, shake or stack the cargo. In order to optimize transport costs and ensure prompt delivery was found solution of transportation to Moscow (Sheremetjevo) via Istanbul (Turkey). Delivery was carried out in time.

Yuri Shidlovskiy, air carriages expert of TELS groupage cargoes Board: 

“Many large and solid forwarding agencies, which implement carriages from practically any point of the world by any means of transport, don’t undertake obligations of oversized high-precision fragile cargo delivery. This is complex enough transportation connected with high risks and efforts. There is not so many forwarding agencies which are experienced in such transportations, they are dozens of times fewer than agencies, which declare their unlimited opportunities. Too often such orders are handed over from one agency to another, and Customer can only guess about that”.

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