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e61706ae.jpgVladzimir Karachun, Chief of TELS Groupage carriages’ Board

- 2005 – international carriages’ specialist of CIS department in TELS Minsk office

- 2006 – Chief of CIS department in TELS Minsk office

- 2009 - Chief of TELS Groupage carriages’ Board (new)

Groupage carriages are fairly recognized as one of most complex and labor-intensive carriages, if speak about its organization, documentary support, required knowledge, problem situations, that appear while border crossing or while transportation is being performed.

I dared lead the project, because by 2008 I have already realized my own potential in CIS department (it was leader at all key indicators). I became quite interested in possibility to create and organize the work of an absolutely new department as well as get new experience and check own capabilities. The Board was created during hard economic changes, but our Manager’s competency and organizational capability as well as ability to make risky and bold decisions let us to overcome difficulties.

Today Groupage carriages’ Board includes several departments, which deal with groupage shipments from Europe to Belarus and Russia and organize air transportations practically from/to every country of the world.”

The company carefully selects its staff of logistics professionals and talented individuals. Our employees are open for self-realization within our established corporate culture.

TELS aims to provide the best possible conditions for personnel development and surrounds the company’s employees with favorable working environment.

истории успеха.jpg

Every employee takes an active part in shaping the future of our company. TELS always provides opportunities for professional and personal growth and invite the company’s employees to learn from our success stories.

We develop our corporate culture to meet our employees’ expectations about their work and leisure time with the company, and set up contemporary business communicationstandards and values.

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21.12.2020 The Capacity of Market Sectors and Response to the Pandemic

We continue to publish the results of the logistics audit in the new conditions. This article will review the capacities of different industries and the changes taking place in crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

24.11.2020 Logistics in 2020-2021. Life after the Pandemic

Marketing Research and Analytics Departments of TELS Group carried out a marketing audit of the transportation industry developing in new conditions. This article summarizes one part of the report on the market trends that have been developing more rapidly as a result of the pandemic and will be shaping the future of transportation and logistics.

02.11.2020 New Vehicles in TELS Fleet

A new batch of heavy trucks consisting of 7 MAN trucks with Krone Mega Liner curtain side semi-trailers were added to TELS’s fleet in October.