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6c1c1a5c.jpgSergei Kovalchuk, Director of TELS Czech branch office

- 2005 – international carriages’ specialist of Central Europe department, TELS Minsk office

- 2006 – Chief of Department in TELS Warsaw branch office

- 2011 – Director of TELS Prague branch office

“Taking part in opening and development of new offices as well as new experience obtaining are biggest amenities of my work. I have worked in TELS offices in three countries during my TELS employment. Each of them had its own peculiarities, but everywhere I was glad to recognize that I am working together with remarkable and motivated people.

Ability of prompt reaction to changeable market conditions as well as ability to make true forecast and make right decision are most important today. Project success and final result depend on correct planning.

Main principle of relations with customers is trust and honesty. It’s impossible to arrange well relations and successful cooperation, which will bring significant results, without that.” 

The company carefully selects its staff of logistics professionals and talented individuals. Our employees are open for self-realization within our established corporate culture.

TELS aims to provide the best possible conditions for personnel development and surrounds the company’s employees with favorable working environment.

истории успеха.jpg

Every employee takes an active part in shaping the future of our company. TELS always provides opportunities for professional and personal growth and invite the company’s employees to learn from our success stories.

We develop our corporate culture to meet our employees’ expectations about their work and leisure time with the company, and set up contemporary business communicationstandards and values.

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12.06.2019 TELS Has Opened a New Office in the Czech Republic

TELS office in Prague existing since 2011 was merged into a new transportation division of TELS CARGO in the Czech Republic in order to build service capacities of TELS Group of Companies and optimize cargo delivery schemes.

30.05.2019 Road Freight Market to/from the EU in Q1 2019

The Department of Business Analytics and Strategic Planning of TELS Group of Companies made a report on road freight from / to EU - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

30.04.2019 TELS Drivers Can Provide First Aid

With the support of the Red Cross, TELS launched a pilot first aid training project for drivers allowing to receive international certificates.