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f2de529c.jpgDmitry Stasevich, Director of Kiev branch office

- 2002 – international carriages’ manager at Export Department of TELS Minsk office

- 2004 – Director of TELS Minsk office

-2008 – Director of TELS Kiev (new) branch office

“Even when the Client is not right, he always should remain satisfied. When he isn’t right, it is our task to indicate his mistake properly and reasonably bring him over. Our relationships with Partners and Customers are based on mutual trust and understanding.

In our relations with employees we ground on principle of given tasks’ transparency and perspicuity, besides trust and understanding. Our market is too complex, aggressive and quickly varying, that’s why I don’t get tired to repeat, our success depends on personnel reliability, its professionalism and stable quality of work.

We have acquired a reputation as high-class professionals and have found our niche at the Ukrainian market of road transportations since start of our activities in Ukraine. We have achieved notable success in development of carriages by sea.

The company carefully selects its staff of logistics professionals and talented individuals. Our employees are open for self-realization within our established corporate culture.

TELS aims to provide the best possible conditions for personnel development and surrounds the company’s employees with favorable working environment.

истории успеха.jpg

Every employee takes an active part in shaping the future of our company. TELS always provides opportunities for professional and personal growth and invite the company’s employees to learn from our success stories.

We develop our corporate culture to meet our employees’ expectations about their work and leisure time with the company, and set up contemporary business communicationstandards and values.

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